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Continuation of studying in Denmark :)

I would like to add something to my last post.To make it more transparent I would like to do pros and cons of studying in Denmark.Of course,it will be very subjective evaluation,so don't judge me,if you disagree ;) And of course,it is from my point of view,from my experience and about studying on Academy,not University.People in other schools,other cities,other courses can have a very different perception of it.

-For EU citizens studying is for free!
-There are 2 years studies (AP degree),so if you only want to gain some new education,because you already have a degree,you want to check,if this field is for you or for any other reason,you don't lose much time.Then you can do a top-up,which has 1,5 year after which you receive bachelor degree.
-It will broaden your horizons,because of meeting and working with people with different backgrounds from all around the World.People,who come here to study have been raised in different coultures,so you will learn,how to deal with it and that you have other point of view doesn't mean,that someone else is worng or stupid.
-Developing your language skills,because you will have to speak English everyday.Also because of people,who come from different countries and have different accents and level of speaking English.Sometimes it is very hard to understand some of them.So you have to learn,how to deal with that.But after some time it is much more easier and it can be useful later on for example in your proffesional career.Also,you can learn Danish for free,what gives you a chance to diversify your CV ;)
-You don't learn only theory,you have a lot of practical exercises.They teach you,how to think and how to use your knowledge.You really learn stuff,that prepare you to work in the company.
-You have an compulosory internship,after which you have to write your final thesis.So you have to find a good compny and do stuff realted to your studing field in order to pass your final exam.On the top-up you have 2nd internship.So it looks like that: AP degree-3 semesters of studying+1 semester in the internship; Top-up-2 semesters of studing,1 semester of internship.Sooo,a lot of practice!
-School helps you with finding accomodation.But only helps you,they don't do this for you!
-School gives you a lot of support.There are a really nice people working there.You can ask them about everything and they will always try to help you.
-From couple of months EU citizens can receive SU.This is money,that Danes receive for going to school.They receive it only for being Danish.If you are not Danish,you have to work at least 10 hours per week and you have to be employed in DK for couple of months.There is a little mess right now with that,because this are new rules,so everybody is confused.I heard,that you have to be employed for at least 3 or 6 months...It makes a difference.So I will not be focused on this very interesting and exciting issue,because I don't know much.But I receive it and it is really nice to have money only for going to school and passing exams ;)
-About exams-on Academy you have much less exams,than on Uni.And this exams are more practical.For me it is a very nice and easy system (but some people still fail) ;)
-School gives you a lot of nice possibilities,if you are active and good student.From my example: in one semester I was a Tutor for new comming Erasmus students.This resulted in that I was offered to be a student helper-empyed by school and normally paid by school.It was a really nice experience and some extra pocket money.Schools also cooperate with each others,thanks to that I was doing a project in Finland.School paid for everything.And of course,I plan to go to Erasmus exchange ;)
-Teachers are usually cool and you call them by name.You can argue or discuss everything with them.And they usually don't have PhD,but they have a very long proffesional experience,so they know,what they are tolking about ;)
-They care about your integartion,so usually you have intro and team building day,when you have fun and can get to know your class mates better ;)

-Living in Denmark is very expensive,but I will try to describe it a little in one of the next posts.
-Every year come here more foreginers,so every year it is harder to find a job,especially for non-speaking Danish students.About that-in another post as well.
-Uni has to provide you the 1st accomodation,Academy don't.So you have to look for it yourself,what is not so easy,because there is not or not many dormitories or something like that.Again,I will decribe it in another post ;)
-Books-you need them!They are very useful,when it comes to the projects and exams.But they are very expensive :( One book costs approximately 500 DKK.
-Not all the teachers are good,not all of them speak English in an appropriate way.They are not natives,so don't expect too much.But some have a very good proffesional experience gaind for example in USA and sometimes they use very difficult language.But it can be good-you learn more.
-After all this excitement at the beggining you can see,that some people are not serius at all and are not ambitious,what slower working in your group as such or project group.So sometimes you have to deal with really not responible,not serious,not ambitious people...But still,you lear on that...But it is beacuse...:
-My school accept everybody without checking carefully grades from high school or level of English.That is really sad,because this people underestimate the level of education.

I don't know,what I can add.Feel free to aks ;) But for sure,it is very developing experience,which will learn you,how to deal with many thing.I can highly reccomend you studying broad (not only in Dk,in general) ;) Our team building day:

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Studying in Denmark

Hi Guys,
I would like to tell you a little about studing in Denmak.Again,it will only be my impression of how it looks like here.I will not tell you,when I'm studying,but if you will be interested in more details,just pm me ;)

I will start from that I'm not studying on Univeristy,I'm studying on Academy.It is very important to hihlight this,because there is a huge difference between Uni and Academy.
As far as I know from my friends,studying on University looks simmilar to studying on other Universities in Europe.You have normal classes (exercises),lectures and exams from all the subjects.Classes can be run in the evenings as well.So you have a lot of things to do and there is not much time left for work.That is all,that I know.
But,I'm studying on Academy,where studying environment is much more friendly :) We can have classes only from 8 to 15.30,so if you have to work (and usually,if you are a student from abroad,believe me,you have to ;) ), you have free evenings and you can spend them on partying,studying or working.You have free weekends in general as well.In general,because last weekend I had a trial case exam,what wasn't fair,as we are a "daily" students and many of us have to go to work on weekends,but it was 1 exception.
Attendance in classes IS NOT COMPULSORY! Yuuhooo! Sounds great,because again,if you are hangovered on Friday (most of students parties are on Thursdays) or you just have to work during the day,or you are sick and don't feel,like comming to school,there is no problem with that-you don't need to justify.But there is other side of the coin-it is so easy to get lazy and skip classes and then you miss a lot and you can have problems with passing exams.Beleive me,I have been there.In the first-lazy part,becuse (fortuantely) I have never had any problems with passing exams.But many people had.
What I have to highlight here is that I'm studying in English.There are also Danish classes and Dunes usually have more choice,when it comes to courses.But,we are in Denmark ;) So many people, from Romania,Lithuania,Latvia and Bulgaria (for example,because some Poles,Slovak,Czech and French are usually not much better ;) ) have problems with language,so if you are not attending the classes,you will have even more problems with passing exams,because you don't practice your English.
On Academy,there is no lectures,there are only classes and this is one of the biggest things,that distinguish it from Uni.We are divided to groups and during the classes,we have mixed theory and practice (sometimes more Theory,sometimes more exercises).Teachers require from you to work a lot at home.Usually,they tell you approximate number of hours you should spend at home studying.Because they perceive you as a student,so you have to study,search for information for yourself and be responsible.This is the thing,that I should highlight earlier-YOU HAVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE!Of course,many young people just after high school come here to study,so lower your expectaions...But teachers usually are really ok,so if you need help or you are hungry for more information or materials,you can always ask them and they will help you for sure ;) And you call them by name,what lower the distance and make techer-student realtionmuch more easier (for some people to easy and they behave rude,they are just going to far,what can be annoying and sad).
Exams are really easy (for me),because you have many projects before to learn everything and trial exams.All of this grades don't count to grades on your diploma,so you can learn on your mistakes and not do them again.But they are compulsory and you have to attend in them.
I had 2 exams in the end of the 1 year and it was 24h case exam,when we received case about some company,had 24 hours to prepare and  after that we had to come to school we received the right questions and we had 2 hours to make the project of about 10 pages.Next was en electronic exam,that was covering all teh subjects.About multiple choice 55 questions.The good news is that you can have all of your materials during the exams!You can't google things.So they don't expect from you,that you will learn everything by heart (sorry,but as a fool),but they teach you how to think and use your materials.That is what I love the most in this studies.In Poland I had to learn so many shitty stuff bu heart (some tables with numbers,diagrams and many stupid things,that you are not able to remember and that usually you have in front of you,when you work and you need it).I passed without problems,but again,there were people,who had a huge problems with passing that (and I know,that they were cheating,what is even more suprising for me O.O ).
Now,after 3rd semester I will have 48h case exam,that we will write at home,without comming to school and writting this for 2 hours.But I will have to do presentaion and defend my project.And that's all.After that I have internship and this is my last semester after which I have to write my final thesis and defend it.And I'm doing my internship in Indonesia!!Whhoooohooo!!Only Denmark is giving such opportunities (probably not,but I think like that right now),but it is another story ;)
To sum up,studying in Denmark is really nice,teach you how to think,solve the problems,how to use your materials or where to look for information.But you have to be responsible and conscientious and watch out on the temptations,that living in Denmark gives you ;)
This is a huge subject,I can talk about it for ages.Probably,I skipped many important thing,so maybe I will do another post about that,if something will come into my mind ;)
Feel free to ask about everything,I will try to give you the best answer I can ;)
Cheers :*

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Foreigners in Denmrak

I wanted to tell you a little about higher education here in Denmark,but I had unpleasant situation today at the bus,so I would like to talk about it.
Let's start with that I use buses very rarely.They are expensive,slow (in my city) and I have a bike,so I can very easly bike everywhere.But today I havn't been feeling very well and I had to go somewhere,so I took a bus.I had to go to the district,where live a lot of Black and Muslim people.It is not a safe and nice place :/ There are gangs living there,shootings and other offences going on...
 And I witnessed a situation in the bus,where Pakistanian or Turkish young guy (I think he wasn't even of age) was arguing with the bus driver,because his monthly pass was out of date.He didn't want to pay for a ticket,but he pushed himself up to the bus.He wasn't alone,he was with 3 or 4 friends.Bus driver didn't want to drive as long as they are not going to leave the bus or pay.So we were waiting for more than 20 minutes for Police to come and take them out.They were doing such mess at the back of the bus.One of them came to the driver,started to argue with him.Another one joined him,was agressive and ready to fight...
I was late for my appointment,of course...
The other story is connected with my first days here.I was leaving between this district and a big shopping center.Of course,this shopping center was the first place,where I went.I was prepared,that a flood of blonde,high people is going to tide me.Nothing further from the truth...I met a lot of African,Asian,Pakistanian and Turkish people.Very few "real Danes".It was a shock at the beggining of mine being here.But I got use to it very fast.As far as I know,Denmark signed some agreement to take some amount of refugees every year.I'm not sure about that and how many people it is.But it explains,why they are so many.

Why am I telling you that?

Problem with them is that some of them don't speak Danish or English.They just live here,because they recieve very high social benefits.But they are "socially useless",because of not knowing the language,thay don't work.But usually it is an issue with older people.Young people and kids speak Danish and better adapt.I feel only sorry,when I see,that they make all this gangs and are causes of all the problems here,are agressive and very confident (because there are many of them) and they are not even thankful for what this country gives them.It gives them everything,a much more better life,that they would have had in their countries.Why don't appreciate that and give something back?

So,I thought,that Denamrk is a very peaceful and safe country.Apparently,it isn't.Danes are very peaceful,kind and nice people.But there are a lot of other nationalities, that do a lot of bad things here.I'm not saying only about metioned above,it is also Poles,Romanians or Lithuanians,who initiate brawls,steal or work black.So you have to be aware of that,when you plan to come here.Not everyone is your friend and it isn't such a safe place any more.But Police is fast ;)
The other think is that you have to be prepared for sucha cultural shock.I have to admit,that I wasn't use to other races,because I didn't have contact with them before.For some people it can be a shock,especially they are really many of them here.

Next think is that-don't work for Turkish or Pakistatnian people!They have many companies here,but it is very hard to find a honest one.I know it from mine and my friends experience.I had problems with my boss,I thought,that he is not going to pay me (of course,I had a contract).I don't know why,he didn't pay me all the money in the beggining,he paid me twice or 3 times.I was really worried,that I'm not going to receive my money.They very often emply people black.Just watch out at them,because you can have unpleasant situations and problems.
I do believe,that there are many good and hard working people here,so I would like to highlight,that it is only my and my friends experience. I know many nice Black,Pakistatnian or Turkish people.Some nice people from Eastern and central Europe as well ;) All I want to tell you is to be aware,that it is a great country to live,but it has its own black sides and it is not so perfect as some people may think.I could talk about it for ages...
To finish this long post,I would like to say,that I'm Polish and I know many Poles here.Most of them are this kind of people,that I'm ashamed of.I'm ashamed,that they represent our country in such way.I'm not surprise,that we don't have a good opinion abroad.And I try to avoid them.But there some nice ones as well ;) So again,I don't want to generalize,it is only my experience and I would like to share it with you.
Any discussion is welcome :)
Cheers for now ;)

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5 most needed things in Denmark

Hello everbody,
I would like to add a small post about 5 most needed and helpful things to have in Denmark.When I came here,I had all the informations,that I needed to prepare well.But still,I wasn't prepared!So I would like to present you my point of view,what is really needed here ;)

1. Money
Pretty obvious,huh?I had my savings,when I came here.Quite a lot of money for Polish standards (?),but I'm sorry,I don't remember how much.I thought,that I will be able to live for that for 3-4 months.Nothing further from the truth.Everything is pretty expensive here.I was doing my food shopping in Lidl,which is the cheapest store here,I wasn't buying anything "fancy".I would rather say,that it was a real student diet,not very good though.
But,when it came to pay the bills,which you pay in advance for next 3 months for heating,electricity and water and Internet (which I had the most expensive one fro You See,because you don't need CPR to order it),I was pretty shocked.Rent is paid montly,but all the other bills,as I said,you pay in advance.If you will use less,in the end of the year  they will give you money back.If you will use more-you will have to pay.It is a hard system,when you don't have much money at the beggining,you are looking for a job and have to pay more (because I was useing less,I received money back in January).
And I have to highlight,that I wasn't buying clothes or cosmetics.I was only paying for food and the bills.But I found my 1 job very fast,that's why I was able to stay here from the end of July to the middle of October,when my money were running out and I found my 2nd job then and from this time everything started to be ok...
One more thing.You have to pay here for using electronic devices as well and that was one of the bills,that almost killed me after receiving all of the others.But it is another story,if international students pay it or not and why... ;)
And most of the flats are not furnished,you have to be aware of that ;)

Oh,it will not be so short,as I assumed....

2. Bike
Nothing new,Denmark is a country of the bikes.Bike paths or rutes are very good,they are everywhere so motility by this mean of transport is very easy.Car drivers are use to bikers,so you don't have to be scared about collisions (not like in my country,where there are some paths and drivers are not use to bikes).But remember about having lights,when it is dark outside and not bike in a places,where this is not allowed.Fees are very high and it is easy to be stopped by police.
I found my first bike,it appeared in front of my flat.Really.I was lurking on it for couple of days,but noone was taking it,so I did.I told my nightbours,that I took this bike,if someone will be looking for it.But noone was.My present bike is 100% legal,I bought it in a shop ;) You can buy very cheap bike or very expensive one.It is good to insure it in a police station (especially,when it is an expensive one).There are second hands bike as well,which are very cheap,but sometimes not in the best condition.
People bike here no metter what weather is outside.It's crazy.I was doing the same at the beggining,but now I live very close to my school and work and I don't have to do this,when there is -15 degrees outside ;)

3.Waterproff clothes
People wear it here while biking or driving the scooter.Ortalion trousers and jackets are worn without a shame.I had only my jacket for snowboard,which is not very good,because it's too warm for most of the time in the year and it is too short.You need something long.But waterproof jackets are quite expensive here,it's good to find something in your home countries,if it is possible(most of them around 130 Euro and more).

And a good ones!I didn't have any and that was making my life harder :P Buying new Hunters was one of the best buying deccision here ;) Right now,I wear them almost everyday.I bought them on sale,so I paid around 80 Euro,but normally they cost around 130 Euro.So,with waterproof jacket is a quite a big expense...But it is really useful.

5. A good attitude ;)
I can be writting here about clothes on every weather or knowledge of Danish language,but I think,that a nice,good attitude is the most important :)
It is useful everywhere,that's true.But it will make your life much more easier here,because Danes are very friendly and helpful and you never know,what you can gain by being open,honest and positive.I had planty of situatuions,when somebody was helping me disinterestedly.That was very nice,it was making me happy at the hardest begginings here.
And you need to have a lot of patience.This is a country,where people live quite leisurely,whithout a rush.It is hard to do something in the offices,because working hours are very short.And they are not fast in general.People respect here their own job,they tak a break,when it is time for it,usually finish their work on time and try to have balance between proffesional and family life.

That's all for today,I can keep on writting for ages...
See you soon :*

Come back?

I decided,that I will be running this blog half in English and half in Polish.I would like to highlight at the beggining,that I'm not a native speaker and I live in a country,where English isn't a first language as well.I have contact with people from all around the world,we all make mistakes,so forgive me,if I will be doing them or correct me in the comments :)
So,my previous post was about that from some reasons I stopped writting this blog.It was a beauty blog at the beggining,but I wuld like to change it for something more...
Briefly,my story is that I finished studies in Poland,I was frustrated an unhappy and I decided to move out to another country.I didn't want to go to UK or Ireland,where is a lot of Polish people and work on the kitchen sink.I wated to do another studies and I chose Denmark.Why?Because there is 2 years studies here.More about this history I will tell you in the post about studying here ;)
In the previous post I was writting also about Danish weather.It is a great topic to talk about with Dane,because it is really crazy: windy,rainy,once you have a sun,20 minutes later you have rain.You have to be really well prepare for this shitty weather.Last week we had hurricane,which paralized a whole country.Bridges were closed,so trains were not going...

Soo,I hope,that you will stay tuned for some more infos about my life in DK.I will be moving out to another country soon,but it will be only for 3,5 month and I will tell you about it later ;)

Knus :*

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widzę,że nie zaglądałam tutaj ok.2 lat.Ciekawe,czy ktoś tu jeszcze jest? ;)
W tym czasie wiele się w moim życiu zmieniło.Rzuciłam pracę w Polsce,wyjechałam do Danii na kolejne studia...Bez sensu powiecie,po co robic kolejny papier.Zbliża się trzydziecha,czas się ustatkowac,ogarnąc,zacząc robic karierę,zakładac rodzinę...A ja żyję sobie:

  • bez kariery
  • bez mężczyzny
  • bez planów na założenie rodziny
  • robiąc kolejne studia i myśląc o ich kontynuacji :D
Jak życ...
Był to blog makijażowy,ponieważ jest to właśnie to,co kocham.Dużo nasłuchałam się bezpośrednio i poprzez plotki o tym,jaka jestem pusta,tępa,przeciętna itd. itp.,bo się maluję.Codziennie.Bo lubię kosmetyki.Bo to takie "niskich lotów" zainteresowanie.Najlepsze jest to,że narzekał na to najbardziej mój były,który interesuje się BMW O.o W czym moje kosmetyki są gorsze od BMW i czemu tworzą ze mnie pustą lalę,a BM'ki nie tworzą z niego pustego pakera w dresie?Co Wy o tym sądzicie?
W każdym razie porzucam temat kosmetyków,może czasami będę do niego wracac.Zajmowało mi to bardzo dużo czasu,powodowało raczej stres i napięcie,niż przyjemnośc.
Będę więc wrzucac czasami różne rzeczy,najbardziej chciałabym skupic się na życiu w Danii.Dlaczego?Ponieważ dużo mówi się o życiu w UK,w USA,coraz więcej o Australii.Ale chyba nie tak dużo o Skandynawii,a jest tu wielu Polaków.
Jestem tutaj od ponad roku,był to bardzo intensywny,raz wesoły,wręcz euforyczny czas,raz bardzo ciężki,stresujący i depresyjny.Wracam niestety w trakcie czasu mniej pozytywnego.Może potrzebuję się czymś zając,może potrzebuję przelac moje uczucia na...papier?Po prostu napisac je gdzieś.

Powodem mojego słabszego samopoczucia tutaj jest oczywiście pogoda.Ulubiony temat Duńczyków.Nie masz o czym z kimś pogadac-pogadaj o pogodzie :P Są dni,kiedy zmienia się ona co godzinę-20 min deszczu,10 min intensywnego słońca,zachmurzenie,deszcze ponownie.I tak cały dzień :D Ostatnio jest ciemno,temperatury są zbliżone do polskich,ale wieje,więc odczuwamy je troszeczkę mniej korzystnie.Dostałam jakiejś śpiączki i jesiennej depresji przez brak światła.Do tego mam mniej obowiązków,więc więcej czasu na myślenie i dołowanie się.Ale już niedługo,to przejdzie ;)
Ostatnio,jak pewnie słyszałyście,przeszedł przez kraj huragan.Cała Dania sparaliżowana,słyszałam,że 5 osób zginęło.Pociągi nie jeździły,drzewa leżały na ulicach (albo drogach dla rowerów).Istne pobojowisko.

To tak w skrócie w temacie obecnej pogody.Nie polecam tego kraju osobom podatnym na zmiany ciśnienia,temperatury,wrażliwym na brak słońca (ja łykam codziennie wit.D-1 tabletka-700% dziennego zapotrzebowania na ową witaminę :P ).
Postamram się wrzucac posty na temat mojego życia tutaj w miarę regularnie :) Prawdopodobnie teraz właśnie zacznę byc zajęta,ale może uda mi się ożywic tego bloga.Jeśli macie jakieś pytania,coś Was szczególnie interesuje,dawajcie znac!Chętnie opowiem Wam o życiu w tym przedziwnym kraju ;)
Pozdrawiam :*