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5 most needed things in Denmark

Hello everbody,
I would like to add a small post about 5 most needed and helpful things to have in Denmark.When I came here,I had all the informations,that I needed to prepare well.But still,I wasn't prepared!So I would like to present you my point of view,what is really needed here ;)

1. Money
Pretty obvious,huh?I had my savings,when I came here.Quite a lot of money for Polish standards (?),but I'm sorry,I don't remember how much.I thought,that I will be able to live for that for 3-4 months.Nothing further from the truth.Everything is pretty expensive here.I was doing my food shopping in Lidl,which is the cheapest store here,I wasn't buying anything "fancy".I would rather say,that it was a real student diet,not very good though.
But,when it came to pay the bills,which you pay in advance for next 3 months for heating,electricity and water and Internet (which I had the most expensive one fro You See,because you don't need CPR to order it),I was pretty shocked.Rent is paid montly,but all the other bills,as I said,you pay in advance.If you will use less,in the end of the year  they will give you money back.If you will use more-you will have to pay.It is a hard system,when you don't have much money at the beggining,you are looking for a job and have to pay more (because I was useing less,I received money back in January).
And I have to highlight,that I wasn't buying clothes or cosmetics.I was only paying for food and the bills.But I found my 1 job very fast,that's why I was able to stay here from the end of July to the middle of October,when my money were running out and I found my 2nd job then and from this time everything started to be ok...
One more thing.You have to pay here for using electronic devices as well and that was one of the bills,that almost killed me after receiving all of the others.But it is another story,if international students pay it or not and why... ;)
And most of the flats are not furnished,you have to be aware of that ;)

Oh,it will not be so short,as I assumed....

2. Bike
Nothing new,Denmark is a country of the bikes.Bike paths or rutes are very good,they are everywhere so motility by this mean of transport is very easy.Car drivers are use to bikers,so you don't have to be scared about collisions (not like in my country,where there are some paths and drivers are not use to bikes).But remember about having lights,when it is dark outside and not bike in a places,where this is not allowed.Fees are very high and it is easy to be stopped by police.
I found my first bike,it appeared in front of my flat.Really.I was lurking on it for couple of days,but noone was taking it,so I did.I told my nightbours,that I took this bike,if someone will be looking for it.But noone was.My present bike is 100% legal,I bought it in a shop ;) You can buy very cheap bike or very expensive one.It is good to insure it in a police station (especially,when it is an expensive one).There are second hands bike as well,which are very cheap,but sometimes not in the best condition.
People bike here no metter what weather is outside.It's crazy.I was doing the same at the beggining,but now I live very close to my school and work and I don't have to do this,when there is -15 degrees outside ;)

3.Waterproff clothes
People wear it here while biking or driving the scooter.Ortalion trousers and jackets are worn without a shame.I had only my jacket for snowboard,which is not very good,because it's too warm for most of the time in the year and it is too short.You need something long.But waterproof jackets are quite expensive here,it's good to find something in your home countries,if it is possible(most of them around 130 Euro and more).

And a good ones!I didn't have any and that was making my life harder :P Buying new Hunters was one of the best buying deccision here ;) Right now,I wear them almost everyday.I bought them on sale,so I paid around 80 Euro,but normally they cost around 130 Euro.So,with waterproof jacket is a quite a big expense...But it is really useful.

5. A good attitude ;)
I can be writting here about clothes on every weather or knowledge of Danish language,but I think,that a nice,good attitude is the most important :)
It is useful everywhere,that's true.But it will make your life much more easier here,because Danes are very friendly and helpful and you never know,what you can gain by being open,honest and positive.I had planty of situatuions,when somebody was helping me disinterestedly.That was very nice,it was making me happy at the hardest begginings here.
And you need to have a lot of patience.This is a country,where people live quite leisurely,whithout a rush.It is hard to do something in the offices,because working hours are very short.And they are not fast in general.People respect here their own job,they tak a break,when it is time for it,usually finish their work on time and try to have balance between proffesional and family life.

That's all for today,I can keep on writting for ages...
See you soon :*

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