wtorek, 5 listopada 2013

Come back?

I decided,that I will be running this blog half in English and half in Polish.I would like to highlight at the beggining,that I'm not a native speaker and I live in a country,where English isn't a first language as well.I have contact with people from all around the world,we all make mistakes,so forgive me,if I will be doing them or correct me in the comments :)
So,my previous post was about that from some reasons I stopped writting this blog.It was a beauty blog at the beggining,but I wuld like to change it for something more...
Briefly,my story is that I finished studies in Poland,I was frustrated an unhappy and I decided to move out to another country.I didn't want to go to UK or Ireland,where is a lot of Polish people and work on the kitchen sink.I wated to do another studies and I chose Denmark.Why?Because there is 2 years studies here.More about this history I will tell you in the post about studying here ;)
In the previous post I was writting also about Danish weather.It is a great topic to talk about with Dane,because it is really crazy: windy,rainy,once you have a sun,20 minutes later you have rain.You have to be really well prepare for this shitty weather.Last week we had hurricane,which paralized a whole country.Bridges were closed,so trains were not going...

Soo,I hope,that you will stay tuned for some more infos about my life in DK.I will be moving out to another country soon,but it will be only for 3,5 month and I will tell you about it later ;)

Knus :*

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