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Foreigners in Denmrak

I wanted to tell you a little about higher education here in Denmark,but I had unpleasant situation today at the bus,so I would like to talk about it.
Let's start with that I use buses very rarely.They are expensive,slow (in my city) and I have a bike,so I can very easly bike everywhere.But today I havn't been feeling very well and I had to go somewhere,so I took a bus.I had to go to the district,where live a lot of Black and Muslim people.It is not a safe and nice place :/ There are gangs living there,shootings and other offences going on...
 And I witnessed a situation in the bus,where Pakistanian or Turkish young guy (I think he wasn't even of age) was arguing with the bus driver,because his monthly pass was out of date.He didn't want to pay for a ticket,but he pushed himself up to the bus.He wasn't alone,he was with 3 or 4 friends.Bus driver didn't want to drive as long as they are not going to leave the bus or pay.So we were waiting for more than 20 minutes for Police to come and take them out.They were doing such mess at the back of the bus.One of them came to the driver,started to argue with him.Another one joined him,was agressive and ready to fight...
I was late for my appointment,of course...
The other story is connected with my first days here.I was leaving between this district and a big shopping center.Of course,this shopping center was the first place,where I went.I was prepared,that a flood of blonde,high people is going to tide me.Nothing further from the truth...I met a lot of African,Asian,Pakistanian and Turkish people.Very few "real Danes".It was a shock at the beggining of mine being here.But I got use to it very fast.As far as I know,Denmark signed some agreement to take some amount of refugees every year.I'm not sure about that and how many people it is.But it explains,why they are so many.

Why am I telling you that?

Problem with them is that some of them don't speak Danish or English.They just live here,because they recieve very high social benefits.But they are "socially useless",because of not knowing the language,thay don't work.But usually it is an issue with older people.Young people and kids speak Danish and better adapt.I feel only sorry,when I see,that they make all this gangs and are causes of all the problems here,are agressive and very confident (because there are many of them) and they are not even thankful for what this country gives them.It gives them everything,a much more better life,that they would have had in their countries.Why don't appreciate that and give something back?

So,I thought,that Denamrk is a very peaceful and safe country.Apparently,it isn't.Danes are very peaceful,kind and nice people.But there are a lot of other nationalities, that do a lot of bad things here.I'm not saying only about metioned above,it is also Poles,Romanians or Lithuanians,who initiate brawls,steal or work black.So you have to be aware of that,when you plan to come here.Not everyone is your friend and it isn't such a safe place any more.But Police is fast ;)
The other think is that you have to be prepared for sucha cultural shock.I have to admit,that I wasn't use to other races,because I didn't have contact with them before.For some people it can be a shock,especially they are really many of them here.

Next think is that-don't work for Turkish or Pakistatnian people!They have many companies here,but it is very hard to find a honest one.I know it from mine and my friends experience.I had problems with my boss,I thought,that he is not going to pay me (of course,I had a contract).I don't know why,he didn't pay me all the money in the beggining,he paid me twice or 3 times.I was really worried,that I'm not going to receive my money.They very often emply people black.Just watch out at them,because you can have unpleasant situations and problems.
I do believe,that there are many good and hard working people here,so I would like to highlight,that it is only my and my friends experience. I know many nice Black,Pakistatnian or Turkish people.Some nice people from Eastern and central Europe as well ;) All I want to tell you is to be aware,that it is a great country to live,but it has its own black sides and it is not so perfect as some people may think.I could talk about it for ages...
To finish this long post,I would like to say,that I'm Polish and I know many Poles here.Most of them are this kind of people,that I'm ashamed of.I'm ashamed,that they represent our country in such way.I'm not surprise,that we don't have a good opinion abroad.And I try to avoid them.But there some nice ones as well ;) So again,I don't want to generalize,it is only my experience and I would like to share it with you.
Any discussion is welcome :)
Cheers for now ;)

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