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Continuation of studying in Denmark :)

I would like to add something to my last post.To make it more transparent I would like to do pros and cons of studying in Denmark.Of course,it will be very subjective evaluation,so don't judge me,if you disagree ;) And of course,it is from my point of view,from my experience and about studying on Academy,not University.People in other schools,other cities,other courses can have a very different perception of it.

-For EU citizens studying is for free!
-There are 2 years studies (AP degree),so if you only want to gain some new education,because you already have a degree,you want to check,if this field is for you or for any other reason,you don't lose much time.Then you can do a top-up,which has 1,5 year after which you receive bachelor degree.
-It will broaden your horizons,because of meeting and working with people with different backgrounds from all around the World.People,who come here to study have been raised in different coultures,so you will learn,how to deal with it and that you have other point of view doesn't mean,that someone else is worng or stupid.
-Developing your language skills,because you will have to speak English everyday.Also because of people,who come from different countries and have different accents and level of speaking English.Sometimes it is very hard to understand some of them.So you have to learn,how to deal with that.But after some time it is much more easier and it can be useful later on for example in your proffesional career.Also,you can learn Danish for free,what gives you a chance to diversify your CV ;)
-You don't learn only theory,you have a lot of practical exercises.They teach you,how to think and how to use your knowledge.You really learn stuff,that prepare you to work in the company.
-You have an compulosory internship,after which you have to write your final thesis.So you have to find a good compny and do stuff realted to your studing field in order to pass your final exam.On the top-up you have 2nd internship.So it looks like that: AP degree-3 semesters of studying+1 semester in the internship; Top-up-2 semesters of studing,1 semester of internship.Sooo,a lot of practice!
-School helps you with finding accomodation.But only helps you,they don't do this for you!
-School gives you a lot of support.There are a really nice people working there.You can ask them about everything and they will always try to help you.
-From couple of months EU citizens can receive SU.This is money,that Danes receive for going to school.They receive it only for being Danish.If you are not Danish,you have to work at least 10 hours per week and you have to be employed in DK for couple of months.There is a little mess right now with that,because this are new rules,so everybody is confused.I heard,that you have to be employed for at least 3 or 6 months...It makes a difference.So I will not be focused on this very interesting and exciting issue,because I don't know much.But I receive it and it is really nice to have money only for going to school and passing exams ;)
-About exams-on Academy you have much less exams,than on Uni.And this exams are more practical.For me it is a very nice and easy system (but some people still fail) ;)
-School gives you a lot of nice possibilities,if you are active and good student.From my example: in one semester I was a Tutor for new comming Erasmus students.This resulted in that I was offered to be a student helper-empyed by school and normally paid by school.It was a really nice experience and some extra pocket money.Schools also cooperate with each others,thanks to that I was doing a project in Finland.School paid for everything.And of course,I plan to go to Erasmus exchange ;)
-Teachers are usually cool and you call them by name.You can argue or discuss everything with them.And they usually don't have PhD,but they have a very long proffesional experience,so they know,what they are tolking about ;)
-They care about your integartion,so usually you have intro and team building day,when you have fun and can get to know your class mates better ;)

-Living in Denmark is very expensive,but I will try to describe it a little in one of the next posts.
-Every year come here more foreginers,so every year it is harder to find a job,especially for non-speaking Danish students.About that-in another post as well.
-Uni has to provide you the 1st accomodation,Academy don't.So you have to look for it yourself,what is not so easy,because there is not or not many dormitories or something like that.Again,I will decribe it in another post ;)
-Books-you need them!They are very useful,when it comes to the projects and exams.But they are very expensive :( One book costs approximately 500 DKK.
-Not all the teachers are good,not all of them speak English in an appropriate way.They are not natives,so don't expect too much.But some have a very good proffesional experience gaind for example in USA and sometimes they use very difficult language.But it can be good-you learn more.
-After all this excitement at the beggining you can see,that some people are not serius at all and are not ambitious,what slower working in your group as such or project group.So sometimes you have to deal with really not responible,not serious,not ambitious people...But still,you lear on that...But it is beacuse...:
-My school accept everybody without checking carefully grades from high school or level of English.That is really sad,because this people underestimate the level of education.

I don't know,what I can add.Feel free to aks ;) But for sure,it is very developing experience,which will learn you,how to deal with many thing.I can highly reccomend you studying broad (not only in Dk,in general) ;) Our team building day:

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