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Studying in Denmark

Hi Guys,
I would like to tell you a little about studing in Denmak.Again,it will only be my impression of how it looks like here.I will not tell you,when I'm studying,but if you will be interested in more details,just pm me ;)

I will start from that I'm not studying on Univeristy,I'm studying on Academy.It is very important to hihlight this,because there is a huge difference between Uni and Academy.
As far as I know from my friends,studying on University looks simmilar to studying on other Universities in Europe.You have normal classes (exercises),lectures and exams from all the subjects.Classes can be run in the evenings as well.So you have a lot of things to do and there is not much time left for work.That is all,that I know.
But,I'm studying on Academy,where studying environment is much more friendly :) We can have classes only from 8 to 15.30,so if you have to work (and usually,if you are a student from abroad,believe me,you have to ;) ), you have free evenings and you can spend them on partying,studying or working.You have free weekends in general as well.In general,because last weekend I had a trial case exam,what wasn't fair,as we are a "daily" students and many of us have to go to work on weekends,but it was 1 exception.
Attendance in classes IS NOT COMPULSORY! Yuuhooo! Sounds great,because again,if you are hangovered on Friday (most of students parties are on Thursdays) or you just have to work during the day,or you are sick and don't feel,like comming to school,there is no problem with that-you don't need to justify.But there is other side of the coin-it is so easy to get lazy and skip classes and then you miss a lot and you can have problems with passing exams.Beleive me,I have been there.In the first-lazy part,becuse (fortuantely) I have never had any problems with passing exams.But many people had.
What I have to highlight here is that I'm studying in English.There are also Danish classes and Dunes usually have more choice,when it comes to courses.But,we are in Denmark ;) So many people, from Romania,Lithuania,Latvia and Bulgaria (for example,because some Poles,Slovak,Czech and French are usually not much better ;) ) have problems with language,so if you are not attending the classes,you will have even more problems with passing exams,because you don't practice your English.
On Academy,there is no lectures,there are only classes and this is one of the biggest things,that distinguish it from Uni.We are divided to groups and during the classes,we have mixed theory and practice (sometimes more Theory,sometimes more exercises).Teachers require from you to work a lot at home.Usually,they tell you approximate number of hours you should spend at home studying.Because they perceive you as a student,so you have to study,search for information for yourself and be responsible.This is the thing,that I should highlight earlier-YOU HAVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE!Of course,many young people just after high school come here to study,so lower your expectaions...But teachers usually are really ok,so if you need help or you are hungry for more information or materials,you can always ask them and they will help you for sure ;) And you call them by name,what lower the distance and make techer-student realtionmuch more easier (for some people to easy and they behave rude,they are just going to far,what can be annoying and sad).
Exams are really easy (for me),because you have many projects before to learn everything and trial exams.All of this grades don't count to grades on your diploma,so you can learn on your mistakes and not do them again.But they are compulsory and you have to attend in them.
I had 2 exams in the end of the 1 year and it was 24h case exam,when we received case about some company,had 24 hours to prepare and  after that we had to come to school we received the right questions and we had 2 hours to make the project of about 10 pages.Next was en electronic exam,that was covering all teh subjects.About multiple choice 55 questions.The good news is that you can have all of your materials during the exams!You can't google things.So they don't expect from you,that you will learn everything by heart (sorry,but as a fool),but they teach you how to think and use your materials.That is what I love the most in this studies.In Poland I had to learn so many shitty stuff bu heart (some tables with numbers,diagrams and many stupid things,that you are not able to remember and that usually you have in front of you,when you work and you need it).I passed without problems,but again,there were people,who had a huge problems with passing that (and I know,that they were cheating,what is even more suprising for me O.O ).
Now,after 3rd semester I will have 48h case exam,that we will write at home,without comming to school and writting this for 2 hours.But I will have to do presentaion and defend my project.And that's all.After that I have internship and this is my last semester after which I have to write my final thesis and defend it.And I'm doing my internship in Indonesia!!Whhoooohooo!!Only Denmark is giving such opportunities (probably not,but I think like that right now),but it is another story ;)
To sum up,studying in Denmark is really nice,teach you how to think,solve the problems,how to use your materials or where to look for information.But you have to be responsible and conscientious and watch out on the temptations,that living in Denmark gives you ;)
This is a huge subject,I can talk about it for ages.Probably,I skipped many important thing,so maybe I will do another post about that,if something will come into my mind ;)
Feel free to ask about everything,I will try to give you the best answer I can ;)
Cheers :*

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